Hasan Zaman- Vice President, External Affairs


Hasan Zaman is the Vice President, External Affairs of the Canadian Educational Institute of Technology (CEIT) in South East Asia

Hasan Zaman was born in Bangladesh and arrived to Canada in 1988; he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and a Master of Arts in English Literature from Dhaka University in Bangladesh in 1979.


His current position is a director of many companies including the founding director of The Mod Syndicate (P) Ltd., started in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1984 and where he is presently a director. He is currently the Managing Director of Safe Water & Energy Ltd. 2012, Director of Unity Service Ltd. since 2013, Director of Canada Bangladesh Water Technologies, Inc., Toronto, Canada since 2011 and Director of Canadian Showcase Inc, Toronto, Canada since 2012.


Hasan has over 30 years of experience in international trade and real estate including specific projects involving water purification systems, aviation MRO services, specialty maintenance chemicals and ready-made garments.


Hasan travels quite extensively and is between Bangladesh and Canada several times per year.